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Yes, it needs tests

Don’t spend a lot of time on this, because it isn’t a full blown feature. It’s just one little thing the client needs. Don’t go overboard, just quick and simple. You can’t control how other people think. You can only control you. The client and sales have already had the meeting. They’ve already convinced themselves Read More

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The Wrong Problems

Developers spend most of the day working on one, or maybe two, codebases. They run into the same day-to-day problems that all other developers do. They come up with solutions that most other developers will also come up with. They implement these solutions, and try to publicize them. If they are lucky, their solution will Read More

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Lose The Employee Mentality

I still haven’t done this. I run into problems in almost every project because of it. I think a very long winded discussion about this basically boils down to: Employees need skills. Businesses need successes. Employees hand a resume to a company that has a list of skills on it; programming languages, frameworks, databases, other Read More

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Which Go Web Framework?

I’ve been around the block a couple times. I’ve built production services on soon-to-be dead open source projects more than once. I’ve been burned by hype and excitement in new technologies. It sucks. So if you are building a Go web app, which web framework should you pick? Right now Go is super hot, and Read More

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