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May Novapy Meetup

We had three great speakers this month at the Novapy meetup group. Brendan Mannix(@b_mannix) gave a great overview of how to use Virtualenv and create environments across multiple machines. Kurt Yoder introduced everyone to Pyglet. He shared why he chose that framework and got pretty gritty with some OpenGL details while discussing the functionality that Pyglet Read More

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VIM at Novapy

We had a wonderful gathering this past Thursday at Nova Python’s March meetup. Matt showed up with some great information about how he spends his day in VIM, and also talked about a few plugins that he doesn’t use personally. but are popular anyway. According to our comments, people learned a lot. That means, to Read More

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Burgers and Beer

A great time was had by all at The Counter this evening. We had an all time high turn out at near 100%! Several new faces joined today as well. Perhaps the time/date change was helpful? Alex was able to make it out from DC. He brought me up to date on Python Packges and the near Read More

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NOVA Python January

Today’s meetup went pretty well. Kenneth Reitz gave his Python for Humans talk. The main focus (I felt) was on PEP 20’s “There should be one– and preferably only one –obvious way to do it”. The major problem being that new adopters are faced with multiple choices to do everyday things like file system access Read More

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Nasdaq ITCH

I recently read through Veryon’s posts on bootstrapping a low latency HFT and I was intrigued. I had really thought that all automated trading was simply watching stock prices, comparing to different algorithms, and making decisions. I didn’t see any reason why you would need low latency or anything like that. I learned a lot. Read More

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