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Log Errors to Github

Log files are great, but why not make errors front and center in your issue tracker. One thing I like to do is automatically log errors to Github. That way when something goes wrong, it is right in my face. class GithubError(logging.Handler): def __init__(self, token, repo_owner, repo): logging.Handler.__init__(self) self.token = token self.repo_owner = repo_owner self.repo Read More

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A Numpy CodeKata

On Tuesday NOVAPython put on its very first CodeKata at the Excella Consulting offices in Arlington VA. The Kata was focused on using Numpy in place of list iteration in Python programs. We hosted the problems in the NOVAPython github repository, and people worked in teams to solve the problems. After the problems were solved, Read More

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Gittip thoughts

I think Gittip is so interesting that I wish I knew more adjectives to describe it. This takes Steve Yegge’s self marketing advice (which stackoverflow was that?, codinghorror link) and Joel’s advice to blog (create great google results for your name) and kind of puts this all to a test. Can we write great code Read More

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Novapy In July

Another entry in what is apparently an uninterrupted string of Novapy event updates! VMWare hosted from Reston, Virginia and we thank them very much! Last night @gekitsuu spoke about Rackspace and Python and Zombies. He covered Python integration with libcloud and MongoDB and how to work that into a Rackspace deployment. We all learned a little bit and had Read More

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June Novapy Meetup

Less than 24 hours after the meetup I’ve got my code deploying to The Cloud! Of course, my code is written in PHP, and my cloud is based on Rackspace… so I strayed a little bit from Jen’s presentation, but its the thought that counts. The workshop last night went very well. We had several Read More

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