Posted on August 19, 2014 by

The Wrong Problems

Developers spend most of the day working on one, or maybe two, codebases. They run into the same day-to-day problems that all other developers do. They come up with solutions that most other developers will also come up with. They implement these solutions, and try to publicize them. If they are lucky, their solution will be the one that the community rallies around.

This is why every language has a ton of web frameworks. Every language has lots of options for devops tools. There are dozens of websites with video tutorials on Python, Ruby, Java, AngularJS, Node, Go, and everything else. More and more will emerge. Even though we all try to avoid reinventing the wheel, we only see so many problems a day. Those are the problems we try to solve.

But what if they’re the wrong problems. What if people in the offices right next door would pay lots of money to automate some Windows tasks. What if independent shops in the warehouse district would pay for a small scale inventory tracker. What if we could make real differences in the live’s of people surrounding us. What if we didn’t have to scale, or count eyeballs, or have traction, or raise money, or show growth in order to have a business with a positive affect on the community.

What if Process Management Consulting is the most interesting field, because you see the widest range of problems to solve?