Posted on December 8, 2013 by

Prepping for the New Year

I’m going a completely new direction this time. Typically I come up with habits and life hacks and other ridiculousness that I want to start or stop or change. Then I plan to begin all of those things in January.

Then I write a blog post the following December talking about how I’ll do it all for real this time.

But no more! Why wait for the new year when you can start today? So thats the idea. More writing. More effective communication. More community involvement. More tangible accomplishments. So where to being?

Learn something new and present it, comprehensibly, to a group of people every 3 months.

This would cover community involvement, communication, and a bit of writing. So really it covers everything. I think there is a lot to be gained from presenting to a group.

More reading.

I’d like to start reading again. I really don’t enjoy reading very much though. I’ll find authors that I enjoy, and then read all their stuff. But they are really few and far between. The rest of what I read, I tend to rush through and not retain at all. Which makes it a waste of time really.

Less procrastination

That’s why I’m starting now, instead of the new year. I think that waiting is just silly. Why delay?