Posted on November 26, 2013 by

The Fear

During what was supposed to be a routine lunch, I was passed the resume of an incredible individual. I didn’t care about the insane GPA from MIT. Being smarter than me is pretty common. But this guy is simply a better person than I am. That’s when I felt the fear.

This person is looking for a job?

Why am I seeing this resume? Shouldn’t this be given to NASA or SpaceX or something?

When it gets down to business, I’m a web developer. Sure, I have other hobbies that I get to from time to time. But I’m not who you go to looking for advanced algorithm optimization. Or to roll out a paradigm shift in some new realm of Computer Science. I am who you need when you have to identify, record, and fix a program if it crashes. This guy should be trying to find out if a program will halt.

Are there not enough advanced jobs out there? Will I have to compete with this kind of resume in the near future? I’m getting older man, I don’t know if I can keep up with this stuff. This guy was traveling around the world, raising money for charities. He had an impressive career history as well. Lots of large scale projects.

If anything keeps the fire burning, its the never ending stream of other people who are always better than you. I really don’t know how I’m still allowed have a job developing software. But I’m so far down this path its really the only thing possible for me.

I’m sure that guy will find a job quick. I certainly hope I don’t run up against him in a contract bid though.