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Golang October Meetup

After a long hiatus, GolangDC and GolangNOVA let their powers combine to put on a spectacular show at UberOffices in Rosslyn. We hit the 50% no-show right on the mark (as much as you legally can with an odd number of RSVPs). So the meeting was a statistical success.

Wes Freeman (@wefreema) covered web services and testing tools and introduced us all to the Mexican Pizza from zPizza. During his talk we walked down some pretty great tangents; ISO8601 pains, an AI game called “Ants” where several contestants were using Go, and probably a third that I don’t recall.

Ants sticks out because the game happened in 2011. Go didn’t have a stable API yet and upgrades could be bad. An unholy alliance between the Go developers formed, where they forced the game designers to put a freeze on the Go version because updates kept breaking everyone’s code.

There are several ideas in the works for the next meetup. As usual, we are going to try to make this a more frequent event. So see you next time!